EiE for Kindergarten Unit Descriptions


There are 2 EiE for Kindergarten Units to Choose From : 

Raise the Roof: Designing Shelters: In this unit, students are challenged to protect a fictional dog from getting too warm in the sunlight. They’ll learn about concepts related to the warming effects of the Sun, light and shadow, and animals and animal needs as they engineer a shady shelter roof.

Designing Trash Collectors: In this unit, students will become environmental engineers as they work to save a fictional duck from a polluted pond. They’ll explore animal habitats and ecosystems, humans’ impact on the environment, and recycling and environmental stewardship as they engineer their own trash collectors.


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Each of the EiE for Kindergarten curricular units that can be checked out include three components: educator guides, storybooks, and materials kits.

Educator guides include step-by-step instructions for educators to lead engineering lessons, materials preparation information, discussion prompts, educator tips, and a poster illustrating the Engineering Design Process.

Full-color illustrated storybooks set the stage for engineering. Each storybook features a young child solving a real-world problem using engineering and is designed to support science vocabulary and literacy.

Materials kits include all the supplies needed for 24 students to complete the engineering activities in this unit.

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