Western U.P. Educator Resources and Programming

The Partners of the Western U.P. STEM Network have developed various activity kits for a variety of grades, available to loan to educators in Houghton, Baraga, Keweenaw, Ontonagon, and Gogebic Counties. A listing of the loanable items available and descriptions can be found using the links below.

Western U.P. Center for Science, Math and the Environment Kits

26 kits that focus on science, math, social studies and environmental education are available for check-out.
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REMC1 Maker and STEM Resources

Several Maker & STEM items were purchased by REMC1 to support teachers and their curriculum.
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Vernier Classroom Kits

2 Vernier Classroom Kits & 2 Dynamics and Track Kit as are available to educators through the U.P. Smile Grant. Available only to those teachers who attended a Vernier Professional Learning session. Contact the Western U.P. STEM Network regional director for the next training.
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Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative Sustainability Film Series

Archive Films from 2011 through last year are available for a 2-week checkout for Classroom, Meetings or Home Viewing.
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Resources from the MiSTEM Network and Beyond

3-P Learning In Michigan

EGLE Lending Station

The EGLE Lending Station allows educators to borrow materials that engage students in real-life Great Lakes-based education with hands-on learning. The EnviroScapes, Sand & Gravel Simulator models, and H2O Q Kits (water quality backpacks) are available for lending to your classroom or organization. The lending items can support educators by relating their hands-on water quality lessons and allowing students to see how contamination impacts groundwater, surface water, watersheds and the Great Lakes.

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Camp Invention

Camp Invention is a nationally recognized summer program focused on creativity, innovation, real-world problem solving and the spirit of invention. The program’s top priority is to present essential STEM concepts and entrepreneurial content through creative, hands-on activities.

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FIRST Robotics

FIRST provides a complete STEM pipeline for youth K-12 though out-of-school robotics programs and challenges.

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Logo of Camp Infinity

Camp Infinity

Camp Infinity is a series of sessions that introduce girls, in grades 5 through 12, to computer and internet technologies through hands-on activities. Each session will engage students in age-appropriate topics ranging from game design, website design, and robotics programming.

During the sessions, campers will have an opportunity to meet with professional women and men who work in technological fields and explore the many exciting and rewarding tech careers.

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Science Olympiad logo

Science Olympiad

Founded in 1984, Science Olympiad is the premier team STEM competition in the nation, providing standards-based challenges to 6,000 teams at 425 tournaments in all 50 states.

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Bootstrap Data Science Logo

Data Science (Bootstrap)

Bootstrap:Data Science is evidence-based, integrated materials program for grade 7-12 Chemistry classes. Leverage students’ curiosity about the world around them to inspire real data analysis and original research. Lessons are available for data visualization, measures of center and spread, programming, linear regression, and more. Mix and match to create anything from a one-week intro to a full-year course!

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Geometry in Construction Logo

Geometry in Construction

Geometry in Construction (GiC) is a high school program that integrates contextualized learning into both geometry and construction classes which are taken simultaneously by high school students. Geometry and Construction Technology teachers work collaboratively to integrate the curricula and instruction throughout the year.

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Algebra in Manufacturing

Contextualized mathematics, in which everything students learn is first grounded in real world applications, is a way to make Algebra less abstract and more meaningful to students. The AMPED on Algebra program, which can be implemented either through individual lessons or as an entire curriculum, puts algebra in the context of running a business or manufacturing a product. The curriculum can be used in an Algebra I class or in CTE courses such as business, entrepreneurship, or manufacturing.

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Culturally Responsive Math

An essential first step to promoting positive mathematical identity is to know the learners. By understanding our students’ cultures, languages, interests, and traditions, teachers create the meaningful classroom learning experiences students need to connect with content and build understanding in mathematics.

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OpenSciEd’s world-class, Next Generation Science Standards-aligned instructional materials are designed for how students learn science best. Our high-quality, adaptable, full-course curriculum supports equitable science learning through phenomenon-based, three-dimensional units that prioritize understanding and unbiased sensemaking.

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SquareOne Education

Square One’s Innovative Vehicle Design (IVD) Challenges are eligible for the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Competitive Robotics Competition Grant Program, funded through section 99h of the State School Aid Act. The purpose of the grant is to improve student mathematics, science, and technology skills through participation in events like our Autonomous, Full Scale, Mini, V2X and Underwater IVD!

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Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking delivers learning programs for everyone. The pioneering approach is not only about coding, math you may have missed and critical thinking, but also the underlying core computational thinking that drives all of them—for example, applied to life skills, data science and modeling. is partnered with Wolfram Research and gains its expertise of more than 30 years as the world-leading organization in computation at every level and in every way: as users, employers, technology suppliers and innovators.

CLICK HERE to Learn More® is an education innovation nonprofit dedicated to the vision that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn computer science as part of their core K-12 education. We expand access to computer science in schools, with a focus on increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups.

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Modeling Instruction

Modeling Instruction is a guided-inquiry approach to teaching science that organizes instruction around a coherent storyline of model development. This method provides content instruction while students are immersed in the process of doing science.

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Math Recovery

We empower educators to advance students’ mathematical thinking and success. Math Recovery® transforms numeracy education through customized and unique professional learning with meaningful assessment and instruction.

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Next Generation Science Exemplar

NGSX is an innovative PD environment composed of powerful learning pathways. Pathways involve face-to-face work in a study group and a multi-faceted web-based environment that supports the use of high leverage tools, tasks, and resources central to understanding classroom changes needed to support NGSS and the K-12 Framework.

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Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative

The Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative develops knowledgeable, active stewards of the Great Lakes by supporting hands-on environmental learning in communities.

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Mi-STAR is motivated by a vision for the future of STEM education in which science is taught and learned as an integrated body of knowledge that can be applied to address relevant real-world problems.

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Cereal City Science

Cereal City Science (CCS) offers a phenomenon-based Kindergarten through 8th grade science curriculum designed for the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards by integrating science, mathematics and literacy through an interdisciplinary approach. CCS provides STEM curriculum, materials, and professional learning all designed to support district and classroom implementation of 3-Dimensional Learning and to build science leadership capacity within an organization.

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Engineering is Elementary

The Engineering is Elementary (R) (EiE) project aims to foster engineering and technological literacy among children. EiE has created a research-based, standards-driven, and classroom-tested curriculum that integrates engineering and technology concepts and skills with elementary science topics. EiE lessons not only promote K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning, but also connect with literacy and social studies.

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Phenomenal Science

Phenomenal Science is a complete set of K-5 science units developed by Michigan educators to meet the Michigan Science Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. of K-5 grade science units. The units integrate instructional strategies for implementing 3D learning in K-5 science, such as; productive talk, integration, notebooking, and inquiry cycles or storylines planned around anchoring phenomena. The units contain everything a teacher will need to facilitate three-dimensional science instruction according to the new Michigan Science Standards, except hands-on components. Additionally, the units are free to all educators and integrate engineering, math, and language arts.

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Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way provides a transformative learning experience for K-12 students and teachers across the U.S. Through an engaging environment, PLTW empowers students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an evolving world.

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Imagine Math

Imagine Math® combines a rich curriculum with fun, adaptive digital experiences to help students be confident math learners. Ideal as a supplement to standards-based PreK–Geometry core instruction, its two age-appropriate learning environments are designed for student engagement. In PreK–2, a storybook reality helps learners see math in the world all around them.

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Ten 80

The Ten80 National STEM League is Project Based Learning that Doesn’t Forget the Learning. In many ways, business, engineering, R&D and politics are team sports. Ten80 Education’s team set out over 15 years ago to help students learn the skills to thrive in a team-oriented atmosphere while also learning why mathematics and physics are “pretty” helpful.

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MTU Sustainability Film Series--Film Checkout

Sustainability Films may be used for educational purposes at no charge. Films (DVDs) are available for a 2-week checkout for classrooms, meetings, or home viewing. To borrow films, contact Alan Turnquist ( at the Michigan Tech Office of Sustainability & Resilience, Room 230, Van Pelt Library. CLICK HERE for a list of available films.