Wee Engineer Unit Description

Open up young learners’ minds to the world of engineering by encouraging them to use familiar materials to solve problems.



There are four engineering challenges that are part of the  Wee Engineer Unit Kit: 

Noisemakers: Children create a loud noisemaker for a surprise party.

Fans: Children create a fan that can create enough wind to move a ball.

Wrecking Balls: Children create a wrecking ball that can knock over a stack of blocks.

Rafts: Children create a raft that can support the weight of a toy.

Use the Request Form to reserve this kit from the Western U.P. Resource Learning House hosted at the Copper Country ISD.



The Wee Engineer curriculum consists of two components: an educator guide and materials kit.

    1. The educator guide includes step-by-step instructions for educators to lead four engineering challenges, materials preparation information, discussion prompts, educator tips, family resources, and a poster and set of cards illustrating the Engineering Design Process.
    2. The materials kit includes all the supplies needed for 20 children to complete the engineering activities in this guide and a puppet to help educators set the context for each activity.

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